Home Styling

At LBD we will also help you discover and elevate the style of your home. Your home reflects your style as much as the clothes you wear. Similar to fashion, it is not always easy decorating and styling your home in a way that truly reflects your style while meeting its functional needs- plus, who has the time? This doesn’t alway mean you need a large scale, expensive floor-to-ceiling re-design in order to refresh your space.

At LBD we believe it takes a fresh set of eyes and some innovative ideas to drastically change a space for the better. That may be as simple as re-styling a bookshelf or rearranging the furniture in a room. That is why at LBD we approach home styling using the same method used to update and refresh a client’s wardrobe offering similar customized styling, planning and shopping design services including:

In-Home Consultation

Interior Styling

Furniture and Accessory Shopping

Room Refresh

Let LBD take stress and time out of decorating your home through a new approach of styling what you do have in a fun new way or adding key new pieces that fit your style and make an impact. 


Discover your home’s style and turn your space into your dream home!